Sparrow Shelter
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Do u know that?

• Sparrows never walk, they always jump.

• They are Monogamous.

• They are not migrated.

• They feed only insect to their chicks.

• Sparrow never makes his house on tree.

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Terms & Conditions

Following are the Terms & Conditions

  • Color combination will not may be same every time.
  • We need at least 8 - 10 days to delivered the products.
  • We accept cheque, D.D. & cash.
  • Inside Mumbai includes greater Mumbai's limitations.
  • Outside Mumbai covers like Virar, Panvel, Thane, Vashi, Kalyan etc.
  • Under unforeseen circumstances we the NGO will request for time extensions as the case may be for fulfilling the order.
  • This Item is Brand New - Unused & Original
  • Management can change the decision anytime without any prier notice.

Following are the features

  1. All wall clocks are creative, hand painted, unique and not repeated.
  2. Wall clocks are made by M.D.F. wood.
  3. All Wall clocks depth 1.8 cm
  4. Wall clocks has Titan companies machine in them. (One year warranty by Titan company)
  5. It also has Panasonic company batteries in it.

Reasons of Decline

The traditional architecture allowed sparrows to make their nests in the holes, roofs, crevices of old houses. But modern architecture which introduced box style flats have no provisions

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