Sparrow's Shelter
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Reasons of Decline

The traditional architecture allowed sparrows to make their nests in the holes, roofs, crevices of old houses. But modern architecture which introduced box style flats have no provisions

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about sparrow

Only 200 years ago, there were no house sparrows on the entire continent of North America. The large North American population is descended from birds deliberately importedFrom Britain in the late 19th century. They were introduced independently in a number of American cities in the years between 1850 and 1875 as a means of pest control.

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The Best Sparrow Lover-2014

On an occasion of World Sparrow Day, the NGO announces a competition for 2014 – “The Best Sparrow Lover of 2014”. In this, participants can contribute anything related to sparrows – a picture, a poem, songs, thoughts. etc. The best contribution will receive a gift. To participate please visit our facebook page Sparrow Shelter and upload the same on it. The last date for submission is 20th March 2014.

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Birdgallery photogallery How you can donate?

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Sparrows the little chirpy bird that launched a thousand of poets and helped mothers feed their babies in the backyard - is fast disappearing from Indian cities. In a city rapidly turning into a concrete jungle, how often have you woken up

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