Sparrow's Shelter
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Do u know that?

• Sparrows never walk, they always jump.

• They are Monogamous.

• They are not migrated.

• They feed only insect to their chicks.

• Sparrow never makes his house on tree.

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The View of Birdgallery



In the city of Mumbai, the number of small birds & sparrows has been drastically decreasing due to interference of pollution, mobile tower, big birds like pigeons & crows. And therefore, through Sparrow’s Shelter trust more than 10,000 bird houses has been installed in the various corners of the city & has been successful in providing shelter to more than 1,50,000 sparrows. This situation is indeed appreciable but not satisfactory. That means the ratio of decreasing number of birds & the efforts to save sparrows is 100:10.9 is very serious. To take continue efforts to save birds is now the need of present time. Hence, the trust has taken the responsibility of food, water, shelter and security of thousands birds at a time & thus put forward the project of ‘Bird Gallery’ in front of the country & proved successful in getting sparrows & other small birds back. Also showed confidence that the number of sparrows & other small birds will increase by three times due to such type of availability for them.

Features of Bird Gallery

  1. Size of this Bird Gallery is 110 feet radius and 12 feet height
  2. A concrete parapet of 2 feet on all sides to protect from cats, dogs, rats and snake.
  3. The Bird Gallery is covered by 2 inches X 2 inches M.S. net with the support of M.S. poles to protect from kites, crows, pigeons, owl & bats.
  4. Upper portion will be partly covered by stiff fibre sheets to maintain balance of shade for plants & birds.
  5. An attractive fountain would be placed in the centre of the bird gallery to take care of their water requirements like bath and drinking water.
  6. Natural grass will be grown in the bird gallery, which can attract lot of insects and serve as food for the birds.
  7. To attract birds, inside the gallery we already plant trees like Gokarn, Ghaneri, Exzora, Ratrani, Gulbaxi, Madhumati, Rose Plant, Salvadora, Typha and other tress. Same way, we are planting various fruit trees outside the gallery.
  8. With the help of various trees, we have plan to attract Rosy Paster, Bulbul, Myna, Collared Dove, Kingfisher, White eye, Sunbirds, Asian Warbler, barbet, Sparrows, Squirrels Butterflies, etc.
  9. We had installed various shelter boxes for different type of small birds, squirrel and butterflies.
  10. Gallery have a Walkaway for the viewers to observe the birds, which are never seen easily in the middle of the city.
  11. There is an information board with details of scientific information of various birds.
  12. Maintenance of this gallery would be taken by our NGO like watering the plant, supply of artificial food-water and cleaning of shelter boxes and 'Bird Gallery'.


Venue : Madhukar Sarpotdaar Udyan Snt. anthony road , behind vakola musjid in Santacruz (E), Mumbai.




Reasons of Decline

The traditional architecture allowed sparrows to make their nests in the holes, roofs, crevices of old houses. But modern architecture which introduced box style flats have no provisions

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