Sparrow Shelter
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Do u know that?

• Sparrows never walk, they always jump.

• They are Monogamous.

• They are not migrated.

• They feed only insect to their chicks.

• Sparrow never makes his house on tree.

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Welcome to Sparrow Shelter

"Uska kehna jaan gaye hai,
Apni galati maan gaye hai.
Hum bhi hai yu aans lagaye,
Chidiya rani laut ke aaye.
Tinka tinka jod rahi woh,
Dhire dhire laut rahi woh,
Humne bhi ab mann me thani,
Fir na ruthe chidiya rani..."


Remember sparrows? Those who have been born before the turn of the century could perhaps

remember these tiny birds that often graced our galleries, sometimes fluttered into our homes,

perched on our window grills and pecked at our plants. Yes, sadly, many of us would remember and have fond memories. And sadder still, they have been firmly relegated only to our memories.


Sparrows, or Passer Domesticus, which graced our cities, have almost disappeared. With unabated concrete growth, pollution, degrowth in the green cover, these birds have been driven out by the ever growing cities. According to one survey, the number of these birds has dropped by over 50% in cities in the last few years. Birdwatchers claim the number to be higher at 90%.


Conservation now is the emergent need of the hour. And leading this endeavour is the Sparrow’s Shelter NGO, founded by two young sparrow conservationists – Pramod Mane and Sudhir Sakpal. The NGO is open to anyone who would love to play a part in saving a sparrow. All one has to do is join the NGO at a nominal fee. In return the member would receive a bird house to install in his or her home or their society premises.



The Sparrow’s Shelter Club has already installed more than 50,000 shelters in Mumbai and nearby cities. The team encourages conservation by reaching out to schools and colleges to build awareness for the cause. It also works with parents who are interested to teach their child to love animals. You can find the shelters in many places like Ruia College in Matunga, Five Gardens, Shivaji Park, Rajbhavan, Kalina University Campus, and Ranibaug at Byculla.


So what can you do to save the disappearing sparrow?

- If you are a parent, we can help your child learn about conservation of sparrow.

- If you are a school or college, we can hold awareness sessions with your students.

- If you are a student, you can join the NGO as a volunteer.

- If you are a corporate, you can host a display centre of the birdhouses in your premises.

- If you are a bird lover, you can help us take care of injured sparrows, if you see one.


Call us on 022-32993325 and we will help you in starting this wonderful journey of saving this bird.


Reasons of Decline

The traditional architecture allowed sparrows to make their nests in the holes, roofs, crevices of old houses. But modern architecture which introduced box style flats have no provisions

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